Get to know UNION J



Union J is a british boyband (made up of band members Josh, Jaymi, JJ, and George) that was on the British X-Factor in 2012. Josh, Jaymi, JJ, and George did not all audition together. Josh, Jaymi, and JJ came in as a band called Triple J and George auditioned solo. After a few rounds, the producers of the show had the brilliant idea to put them together as a new band. Union J finished in fourth place in the singing competition. In 2013, they put out their first album called “Union J”.

Meet Josh Cuthbert





D.O.B: July 28, 1992

Hometown: Berkshire, England

Fun Fact: If he wasn’t a singer he would want to be a football (soccer) player

Meet JJ Hamblett


D.O.B: May 25, 1988

Hometown: Suffolk, England

Fun Fact: He was a jockey until 21 and he is a soon-to-be dad!

Meet Jaymi Hensely




D.O.B: February 24, 1990

Hometown: Befordshire, England

Fun Fact: Has been with his boyfriend Olly Marmon for 4 years

Meet George Shelley


D.O.B: July 27, 1993

Hometown: North Somerset, England

Fun Fact: He can sing in Korean

Watch out for more posts about UNION J that includes music videos, interviews, and more photos!


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