Congratulations Siva!


Congratulations to Siva (from The Wanted) and his girlfriend Nareesha on their engagement! Click on the picture to read more.



Congratulations JJ!


JJ Hamblett of Union J and his girlfriend Caterina Lopez welcome their new baby boy. Princeton J. Alexander was born November 28th (2013). I was surprised to see the babies name doesn’t start with a J! The other boys of Union J share their excitement on twitter, tweeting about being a new uncle. JJ posted this picture on his instagram and it’s adorable. 





D.O.B: November 21, 1992

Hometown: Brighton, England

In 2006, Conor began making videos of him covering popular songs on YouTube. R&B artist Ne-Yo saw one of Conor’s covers of his song “Beautiful Monster” and became in contact with him. He helped mentor him and Conor’s first single “Can’t Say No” came out in 2012. Conor’s first CD is “Contrast” and a second one is coming in 2014.

Get to know THE WANTED



The Wanted were formed in 2009 during a country wide audition for the newest boyband. Their first single came out in 2010 called “All Time Low”. Their current manager (besides Nan0) is Scooter Braun, who is also Justin Bieber’s manager. They have three albums, “The Wanted” (2010), “Battleground” (2011), and “Word of Mouth” (2013). In 2014 they will be embarking for their first ever world tour, the “Word of Mouth” tour. They have been nominated for many awards and have won 6. The Wanted have a book called “The Wanted: Our Story, Our Way 100% Official” and in 2013 were given a show on E! called “The Wanted Life” produced by Ryan Seacrest.

Meet Max George

The Wanted Portrait Session

D.O.B: September 6, 1988

Hometown: Manchester, England

Fun Fact: Max played football (soccer) for the Preston North End club

Nathan Sykes


D.O.B: April 18, 1933

Hometown: Gloucester, England

Fun Fact: Met Britney Spears at a singing competition he was in when he was 10. Nathan is currently dating teen pop star Ariana Grande.

Siva Kaneswaran


D.O.B: November 16, 1988

Hometown: Dublin, Ireland

Fun Fact: Siva has a twin brother and was a model before The Wanted

Jay McGuiness


D.O.B: July 24, 1990

Hometown: Nottinghamshire, England

Fun Fact: Jay was named PETA’s Sexiest Male Vegetarian in 2011 and has a twin brother.

Tom Parker


D.O.B: August 4, 1988

Hometown: Bolton, England

Fun Fact: Tom taught himself how to play guitar at 16


Get to know UNION J



Union J is a british boyband (made up of band members Josh, Jaymi, JJ, and George) that was on the British X-Factor in 2012. Josh, Jaymi, JJ, and George did not all audition together. Josh, Jaymi, and JJ came in as a band called Triple J and George auditioned solo. After a few rounds, the producers of the show had the brilliant idea to put them together as a new band. Union J finished in fourth place in the singing competition. In 2013, they put out their first album called “Union J”.

Meet Josh Cuthbert





D.O.B: July 28, 1992

Hometown: Berkshire, England

Fun Fact: If he wasn’t a singer he would want to be a football (soccer) player

Meet JJ Hamblett


D.O.B: May 25, 1988

Hometown: Suffolk, England

Fun Fact: He was a jockey until 21 and he is a soon-to-be dad!

Meet Jaymi Hensely




D.O.B: February 24, 1990

Hometown: Befordshire, England

Fun Fact: Has been with his boyfriend Olly Marmon for 4 years

Meet George Shelley


D.O.B: July 27, 1993

Hometown: North Somerset, England

Fun Fact: He can sing in Korean

Watch out for more posts about UNION J that includes music videos, interviews, and more photos!